Kate Moss -Michel Haddi-

倉庫/ガレージをリノベーションした東京都新宿区のレンタル撮影スタジオ"sleepingtokyo.studio"のART PHOTOのご紹介です。

本日ご紹介するのはWHITE ROOMの壁にかけられた2枚のART PHOTOです。

フォトグラファーはMichel Haddi。被写体はKate Moss。



Michel Haddi

LOVE ME SWEET / collector 1500mm x 1200mm

Michel Haddi is one of the small circle of photographers who manages, through their undeniable genius, to transform an image into a truly artistic creation. In the tradition of his precursors, fashion photographers Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, or his contemporary Mario Testino, he seeks to track the identity behind the appearances of his subjects and focuses on the way in which the portrait can convey their personality, regardless of how famous they are. His complicity with the models enables him to obtain intense black and white shots, with surprising sensitivity and apparent ease. Animated by cinematographic references and icons swathed in couture clothing, the photographer's work clearly documents his talented career spanning over 20 years, surrounded by personalities who are idolised the world over.

Michel Haddi

Intermezzo / collector 1400mm x 1200mm


本日は、ART PHOTOのご紹介でした。


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